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Granite Countertops in Cooper CIty, Davie, Miramar, Plantation, Weston and Nearby Cities

World Kitchen Cabinets can help you with grant countertops in Cooper City, Davie, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Plantation and Weston. They are home renovation experts and they specialize in kitchen remodeling. There are several important elements to consider when planning a kitchen remodel and countertops is one of them.

If you like natural, then granite countertops will be a good option. Granite is an organic stone extracted from the quarries. Granite countertops are often found in high-end homes and kitchens. Granite countertops will definitely add beauty and class to a high-end kitchen. If you want to add a luxury feel to your kitchen, then you should consider granite countertops. Granite is an expensive option but then if offers beauty and functionality.

There are several other benefits to granite countertops. One of the key benefits of granite is durability. Granite is stronger than other materials such as Formica and will last longer. Granite is stain and scratch resistant. When properly sealed, granite won’t absorb liquid and will never stain. You also can’t scratch granite with a knife. Granite is also heat resistance which is important for countertops located close to stoves. It also means you can place a hot pot or pan on a granite countertop without causing any damage.

Another option closely related to granite is quartz. Granite and quartz are similar, but quartz is not 100% natural. Quartz is an engineered stone consisting of stone and some added material. Resin is used as a bonding agents and pigmentation adds color options. Quartz is also tough and durable but not as heat resistant as granite. Quartz is a bit cheaper that granite and can be a suitable alternative.

The consultants at World Kitchen Cabinets can help you decide the best material for your kitchen countertops. They can also help you with the rest of your kitchen remodeling project.

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